What is PEP?

What is Partner Event Promotions?

Partner Event Promotions.org or PEP has been created to allow Salesforce partners to come together as a group to raise funds for charities. PEP will promote the amazing partners in the ecosystem and raise awareness about how powerful and passionate they can be when they have a common goal.

PEP allows companies that would normally be competitors or have marketing mandates that would not normally allow them to work together, to collaborate on joint fundraising activities and remove competitive barriers by working under one agnostic umbrella.

Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Charitable Mission

As PEP is a registered organisation with a charitable mission, both Partners and Salesforce employees can volunteer or partake in activities and where applicable can achieve their VTO days through fundraising and fund matching activities.

There is significant benefit to the charities we support and these charities are selected by our Advisory Board made up of individuals from Salesforce, Salesforce.org and across the partner ecosystem.

In short, PEP is the vehicle that brings all partners together to deliver the fundraising activity and the PEP Advisory Board selects the recipients of the funds raised.

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