Salesforce Strictly – Jive With Stride Consulting

Salesforce Strictly – Jive With Stride Consulting

14th October 2018

Hello everyone, I have so much to update you all on! Firstly, this week was the start of the dreaded Jive. We met our new teacher Eddie, who started our first lesson discussing technique. FYI – there’s loads more ways of putting your foot on the floor than you may think! This is the gang…

We managed to grasp the basics and were soon bouncing around the room, in time with each other and the music. Mostly. The speed isn’t actually as bad as I thought, although we are yet to choose our songs so that could all change. We are back at Flow Dance Studios, which are lovely and I’m even getting used to the mirrors and being able to see myself from all angles. I also haven’t fallen over in my heels, so it’s safe to say, progress is definitely being made. For the second lesson, my partner Paul couldn’t make it, which was a real shame. I thought we would rotate partners and carry on as normal but no, I ended up dancing with the teacher all afternoon. Which was fabulous and terrifying at the same time. I certainly did up my game a bit, even if I did continually mess up the same couple of steps every single time!

There is also some show-biz news to tell you. I went to see Stacey Dooley this week, who is currently competing in BBC Strictly Come Dancing with Kevin Clifton. In fact her dance on Saturday 6th October was the Jive, dressed as a minion… and was awesome.

Anyway, Stacey was doing a talk about her new book and documentaries and it was fab. After the show, my friend and I purchased her book and were queuing to get them signed by Stacey. Kevin Clifton, the Jive king himself, walked past and I became completely star struck. I grabbed him, literally grabbed him and blurted “I love you!” He said thanks and carried on walking, leaving me excited to have physically touched him and mortified that I didn’t behave with more composure! As we continued in the queue, I spotted Kevin again standing in the foyer and decided seize my opportunity. He gave me a hug (I know!) and I explained all about this fundraising campaign, then asked if he would do me a little good luck message. AND HE DID! I tweeted him the video and a thank you at the end of the evening which he retweeted and within 48 hours it had been viewed 6,842 times, so I’m basically famous now! It doesn’t stop there, when I met Stacey I also explained what I’m doing and she recorded a video too. I am so grateful to both of them and it has already helped me collect more donations, some from complete strangers which I think is truly amazing.

If that has inspired you to sponsor me and you haven’t already, details can be found here –

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Rebecca Pooley

Stride Consulting

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