Salesforce Strictly – 2 weeks to go

Salesforce Strictly – 2 weeks to go

26th October 2018

Hello everyone! I’d like to start this by saying a massive thank you for all the support I was given last week following my blog. It was a tough one to write but I felt it was important and I’m glad I did it. Hugs and kisses all round.

We are now less than 2 weeks away from the competition and I think the whole of the Jive gang are feeling it.

As the competition gets closer, I am also getting more nervous.We have all finalised our choreography and are now in the process of perfecting it, which sounds much easier than it is. Then there is the issue of “dressing the part” with all sorts of suggestions coming to light.

The main topic of debate at the moment is whether to fake tan or not?! I think I’m opting out as I’m too scared about glowing orange or it running onto my new dress. On that note, I had an absolute winner with that… purchased a “glitzy” dress on eBay, panicked about it arriving and not fitting or just being generally naff and it is AMAZING. Before you ask, no I will not share any photos of it until after the event! Or you could come and watch? The competition is on Thursday 8th November at the Troxy and there are now unreserved balcony seats for just £30! If you do fancy joining us, drop me an email at and I’ll give you the website and reference codes to book.

Also, I don’t know if you have heard, but we have some celebrities judges from the dancing world there on the night (there’s nothing like a bit of additional pressure). You may recognise these guys from Strictly It Takes Two last week? It’s Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova!

They were both professional dancers on Strictly Come Dancing a while back which is slightly terrifying as they will know precisely how bad/good we are doing, although, I do feel grateful that the Jive is more about fun than technique (I hope!). At the moment, we are still struggling with the speed and fitting the steps in, so have no time for fancy feet. I must say, I am really enjoying myself though. I think the whole Jive gang has caught the dancing bug and I will certainly miss it, so I have just signed up for ballroom lessons at The Goodman Dance Academy to ease me back into normal life. As a group we have also made plans to see each other after the madness has finished, which I think is really lovely.

I’m now getting very close to my fundraising target! I’m 75% of the way, meaning I still need another £750, which sounds a daunting number but I know it’s achievable. If you did want to add a little bit towards it, my page is here –

I have a lovely surprise to end this week after discovering a fellow Jiver is something of a secret poet, check this out…

Rebecca Pooley

Stride Consulting

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