Meet the Dancer: 60 seconds with Ross Carragher

Meet the Dancer: 60 seconds with Ross Carragher

21st October 2018

 Tell us a little about your background ….

A man from the Wirral with a point to prove. My name? Ross. My game? Dance.


Why did you decide to participate in Strictly?

The decision was not entirely mine. I was actually coaxed into it by my manager on a team night out as he was originally down to be dancing too. My competitive streak got the best of me and I thought it might be nice to play with the power dynamic. However, the boss must have caught wind of my maverick nature on the dancefloor and all of a sudden had a slipped disc…


Fancy footwork or two left feet?

I was touted as a World Class dancer as early as 6 months when I was up and walking way ahead of my peers. Despite my incredible start, I was led astray by the usual distractions of football and too much Sunny Delight and dancing took a back-step. I’m now back to claim what is rightfully mine.


Dream dance partner?

A female version of me.


What are your hopes for the night?

The main thing is raising as much money as possible, of course! At the moment, I’m getting a lot of “likes” on my progress but not enough cashish, so I just hope to have hit my goal by the time the night rolls around!


About Partner Strictly Dancing

When: Thursday 8th November

Where: The Troxy, Limehouse, London

What time: Doors open 6pm; Dinner from 7pm prompt. Disco and dancing until late

How do I book:

Ross Carragher

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