Meet the Dancer: 60 seconds with Kerry Townsend

Meet the Dancer: 60 seconds with Kerry Townsend

21st October 2018

Tell us a little bit about your background?  

I have been working with Salesforce for approximately 12 years. Like so many others I was working at an organisation that bought Salesforce in 2005. As soon as I received training I could see the potential it had to allow us to do more, with less, so I asked if I could look after the system. This move has allowed me to grow beyond that role and opened up many opportunities. Since then, Salesforce has been the vehicle that has allowed me to move into consultancy, work for myself, work for Accenture and also allowed me to develop speaking, leadership and event management skills.


Why did you decide to participate in Strictly?

I have been watching Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars and So you think you can Dance avidly over the years. I love to take dance classes although I don’t make much time for them at the moment. I miss classes as dance has great physical and mental health benefits.


I have had some significant health events in my life which I have worked hard to get back from both physically and mentally. Being both physically healthy enough and having the support to participate from the team at Accenture is a dream come true. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to take part in something that brings me so much joy. It also gives us taking part the opportunity to give this gift to someone else by enabling a young person to take up and pursue a sport that they may otherwise not been able to.


Life can have its ups and downs but finding activities that bring joy and allow us to deliver some form of kindness can be a saviour.


Fancy footwork or two left feet?

I have taken dance classes in the past although not any form of partner dancing. The style that has stuck with me the most is Tap. I would also love to try contemporary dance and it would be good to be really flamboyant at Salsa!


Dream dance partner?

Channing Tatum, he rose to fame after being on one of the dance shows. The way he moves is mesmerising, I am going to leave it at that….


What are your hopes for the night?

Most of all this has to be fun for both the participants and the audience. I hope that I am able to share the joy that dancing brings me with the audience and that collectively we can raise a lot of money so that a new generation can find activities that brings them joy throughout their lives.


Also hope that this event inspires more people to try dance.


Keep dancing!


About Partner Strictly Dancing

When: Thursday 8th November

Where: The Troxy, Limehouse, London

What time: Doors open 6pm; Dinner from 7pm prompt. Disco and dancing until late

How do I book:


Kerry Townsend

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