Meet the Dancer: 60 seconds with Ally Boulton

Meet the Dancer: 60 seconds with Ally Boulton

31st October 2018

Hi, tell us a little about your background …

Random facts about me:

  • My real name is Aelwen (It’s Welsh not Elvish!)
  • I grew up in Brixham, it’s a small fishing port in Devon, but got enticed to the bright lights of London a few years ago.
  • I used to be a bakery manager, but I kept eating all of the gingerbread men’s legs so I had to change career.
  • I’m an Executive Assistant at Cirrico.
  • I’m fairly geeky and proud of it!


Why did you decide to participate in Strictly?

My Colleague did the Partner Boxing Event and I got the sudden urge to do something similar for an amazing cause. I didn’t really fancy getting thumped in the face so dancing seemed safer. So far so good. I haven’t been hit yet but I did hit Mark Richards in the face three times in the first two sessions accidentally!! I love a challenge and dancing is certainly that for me. I have Fibromyalgia and ME, so most of the time I am tired and in pain. Cirrico promotes wellness and since joining the company, I have been supported every step of the way. Dancing alone is a good way to keep active. The threat of falling flat on my behind in a dancing competition provided the motivation to keep me going even when days are a little bit tougher than normal.


Fancy footwork or two left feet?

Oh definitely two hands for feet and feet for hands. I don’t have very good balance, memory or coordination and these are fairly necessary for dancing. I’m doing the tango on the night though which is half about dancing and half about attitude. The attitude I totally have down; it’s just the dancing bit I can’t do! I used to practice spinning on the spot when I was a kid, until I was dizzy and fell over. I feel this is a good skill to draw on as I learn to dance. Practice makes perfect!


Dream dance partner?

Well that’s naturally my dance partner Chris Bacon! It’s the real reason I am taking part; I lied before when I said it was about charity etc!


What are your hopes for the night?

Mainly I think I would just be happy if I do one lift without screaming. That’s the new life goal. But of course, I’d like to raise as much money as I can, give the audience a good laugh and boogie the night away!


About Partner Strictly Dancing

When: Thursday 8th November

Where: The Troxy, Limehouse, London

What time: Doors open 6pm; Dinner from 7pm prompt. Disco and dancing until late

How do I book:


Ally Boulton


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